When you’re creating your web page, it can be easy to rush into picking a WordPress theme.

You just pick a free one that looks nice, right? Actually, there are a lot of technical and design factors to consider before picking your theme.


1. Is it SEO Friendly?

Did you know that your WordPress theme can affect how SEO friendly your site is?

This is a key factor to consider because search engine optimization plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your page.

If your theme is not SEO optimized, you’ve lost the race before it has even begun.

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2. Does it Come with Support?

If you’re not a programmer, chances are you’ll eventually run into hiccups with your WordPress theme.

Most free themes don’t come with support, so if you run into an issue you can’t tackle yourself, you might have to turn to an outside programmer.

Avoid this needless expense by choosing a theme that comes with support options.


3. Is it Mobile Friendly?

A mobile friendly theme, called a responsive theme, is able to expand or shrink depending on screen size.

Most people would admit that their smartphones never leave their sight, so don’t miss out on that opportunity to get in front of your audience.

If people aren’t able to easily access your page from their phone or tablet, it will make your page look lazy and amateurish.


4. Is it Multilingual Ready?

If you assume that all of your readers or customers will be from the English speaking world, this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Not all WordPress themes are multilingual or translation friendly.

You should choose a WordPress theme that can easily be translated by your browser to ensure you’re being inclusive and expanding your audience.


5. What’s the Browser Compatibility?

Your WordPress theme might actually look different depending on what browser you’re using.

Worse, it might not even be compatible with other browsers.

Make sure you ask about which browsers you theme is compatible with.

Be careful not to only consider browsers popular in your country.


6. Is it Cohesive?

You want to make sure that your theme matches the content of your page. If you’re writing about nature, a minimalist format might look weird, but if you’re running an online shop, you’ll want your page to be as simple and easy to navigate as possible. Always keep your audience in mind and target your theme towards them.



In short, you have some work ahead of you when choosing a wordpress theme. Aside from aesthetics, consider how the points above fit with your brand’s key idea.

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