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Help & Support


1. Help 

1.1. Getting Started

1.1.1. Register for an Account

To begin using ebaysoft you’ll first need to register for an account. This is quickly achieved by completing the form on the sign-up page. An email with login instructions will be immediately sent to the address you enter.

1.1.2. Account Confirmation & Setup

After registering for a ebaysoft account you’ll receive an email that provides instructions on how to login. Click the unique confirmation link in the email and complete the online form to finish registration, then login to your own ebaysoft admin.

Once logged in all your information (name, email, address, etc.) can be updated from the users page. This information can then be viewed by other account users.

1.1.3. Connect Carts & Payments

Since payments aren’t processed by ebaysoft , you’ll need to setup accounts with the supported payment information or processors before they can be integrated with ebaysoft.

1.1.4. Create Products

Now that you’ve created a ebaysoft account and setup your account on payment and other sections it , it’s time to create some products and upload your digital files.

Go to the products section of your ebaysoft admin and click the add product button to begin building your inventory. 

Provide a title, SKU, and price to each product, then upload one (or several) files from your computer. All files previously uploaded will also be available to attach to any products.

1.1.5. Start Accepting Orders

After you’ve created products and associated files with each, you’re ready to begin selling. It’s all automated from here on out!

Either use the ebaysoft-provided buttons (if using an payment processor like PayPal) or your cart to place orders. Once an order is received it will automatically show in your ebaysoft admin and the time-sensitive links will be emailed to your customer. Register Now .



Support for your downloaded product .

If the item you have purchased doesn’t work correctly you can follow the next steps to try and resolve the issue.


2.1. Review the download documentation

Make sure you read carefully through the instructions and try to see if you find the desired solution in that file.


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2.2. Contact the developer using the site’s inbox

You will see a support thread developer after each purchase you make. This thread communicates directly with the developer. You can talk and request support for your issue through the messaging system. Please make sure to describe the problem you encounter as detailed as possible so the developer will have all the information to help you out best. You can attach images or documents explaining the issue you encounter directly from the messaging system. BUY & SELL YOUR DIGITAL PRODUCT .

2.3. Some developers may offer upgrades and post sale support

At their sole discretion developers may offer full post sale support and upgrades to the code for free. You can ask a question in the questions and answers section of each product before you purchase a product on the marketplace to be sure you got all the information you need. SIGN UP NOW .

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2.4. I followed all the steps and I still couldn’t solve the problem

Only after you tried all of the above you may send an email to our support team. Please make sure to state the order number, code name and author name that you have purchased in order for us to help you out best. In case you have not followed all the steps first we will not be able to help you until you follow the required steps. Support emails needs to be sent to our email .