Your business blog is an enormous asset to your content marketing strategy. According to Hubspot, brands who consistently blog receive significantly more traffic and leads than companies who do not.

A blogging platform also cements your credibility in the industry. It’s simply the perfect tool that you can leverage in every facet of your business marketing.

The truth is, however, many brands are not fully optimizing their blog posts that drive exposure and visibility. There are fundamental techniques marketers can utilize to maximize their blog’s reach and truly engage their intended audience.

In this guide, we’ll show you three interesting hacks you can incorporate into your content marketing to get the most out of your blogging strategy.

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1. Syndicate Blog Posts

Have you ever read a popular blog post on a content site then noticed it later somewhere else? That’s because of content syndication.

Content syndication is a genius strategy where you share your quality-rich content on other platforms to drive traffic, boost backlinks, and increase exposure. It can accelerate your results because it brings new visitors to your post from the search engines and encourages social shares.

Therefore, share your outstanding blog posts on top syndication sites that are eager to accept your work. Here are a few websites to begin with:

Medium — Create an account and easily copy and paste each blog post
Business2Community — Upon approval, reach a vibrant business community that focuses on top trends in social media, digital marketing, social business and more
Outbrain — Influence new audiences and promote your content on top sites
Zemanta — Add your titles and URLs, and a network that includes hundreds of thousands of publishers will syndicate your posts


2. Repurpose Your Content

Content repurposing was a top content strategy for 2016 and continues to be relevant today. By converting your blog article into different formats, you can promote your message across various platforms to extend your reach and influence.

You’re only working smarter in your blogging strategy through repurposing.

Repurposing should be a high priority when you have key content pieces that are core to your story.

Consequently, your message will appear to be everywhere while resonating with different audiences and their learning preferences.

Not only will you attract new visitors to your website, but more traffic opportunities also improve your lead generation. Repurposing is an excellent way to enhance your content marketing.

Apply this checklist to your popular and evergreen blog articles:

Go live on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live or Periscope to expand on your blog topic. Use relevant keywords when promoting your live video and boost engagement by asking questions.

Live-streaming build brands fast on social media and gets noticed in newsfeeds Convert into an infographic to share on sites like Pinterest and Facebook.

You can also publish a separate blog post with just your infographic for more web real estate Create a video.

Publish a video that either highlights your entire blog post or a mini-series where you share a video for each of your subheadings
Transcribe your blog into an audio to build up your podcast channel Post a question Quora relating to your blog topic. Give a proper response then link your blog article at the end where users can glean further information into the subject

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3. Share across Your Social Media Channels

It’s a no-brainer that engaging your social audiences is a must if you want to stay competitive in 2017. Many stats and figures prove that consumers want to connect with brands on social.

They’re using these networks to discover new businesses, shop for promotions, and communicate with customer service. It’s important to be present where your audience is!

With that said, your blog offers tremendous value that can be shared across your social media channels. The key to successfully publishing on social, however, is to ensure that you tailor your post so that it speaks to the audience on that particular network.

For example, whereas humorous, casual content performs well on Facebook, LinkedIn expects more professional, business-oriented content. Therefore, how you promote your blog article on Facebook should be different than how you share it on LinkedIn. Writing for social media means keeping your followers in mind, so it’s effective in capturing attention and driving engagement.

You invest a lot in your content, so it’s vital to make the most of it.

Including these tips will position you to attract new followers to your website, present opportunities to join your list, and improve sales.



Use this guide as a checklist in your content marketing. You’ll be amazed at the increase in engagement as you remain consistent with these tactics.

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